Volker Eschmann Projects - Houses by Souto de Moura en Ibiza


Construction and Reconstruction/Ibiza
Volker Eschmann: Realisation, Design, Construction, Business Operations Management, Organisation.
The profound knowledge of traditional architecture and techniques is a precondition for the sound development of authentic structures. The partial restauration of a 300 year old finca and the construction of a yoga center were carried out by order of a Swiss yoga teacher. An ethnological approach was used to investigate technical, constructive and social aspects of the traditional ibicencan architecture. www.ibizamovingarts.com
(Described in: Grimshaw,
Chloe: "Ibiza, Lifestyle in Farbe und Licht"
ISBN 978-3-89660-520-7
(original: Ibiza Style, Merrell, 2007))

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Country house Ibiza